Natural Man Workshop

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Why Attend?

You might not yet be ready for guycara or mandation. But unless you have been living under a stone, you have to have wisened up to the benefits of male grooming. The male grooming industry is a multi million pound and growing, global industry.

Some of you may have heard of the ‘metrosexual’ male, but that’s old hat now. The latest male stereotype is the ‘retrosexual’ male. This according to L’oreal, is a man who is reclaiming his masculinity based on old-fashioned male values and who uses personal grooming as a sign of pride and confidence (Pride and Groom: The rise in men’s toiletries)

It took an awful lot of time to get you guys on the grooming bandwagon. But now you are here be warned, the male specific grooming products have all the nasties associated with women’s products. In fact some are identical products, re-packaged to appeal to the male market!

So we at Lumiere are inviting you to come along and make your own products. Using natural, organic and pure ingredients. We are the only company on the planet who offer a class that’s specifically aimed at the male market, making products that men want to use. We have been trailblazers since we started, after all we sold beard oil before beards became fashionable! We offer this class because we know that you discerning males also want to know what’s going in to the products you use, you also want to give plastic and synthetic packaging a miss and you are as concerned about the environment as  the females.

So come on guys.

Why attend this workshop? Because you are worth it too!

Whats on Offer?

In this workshop you will make:

  • A Shaving Balm
  • Shaving Foam/Soap
  • Beard oil
  • Hemp Man Lotion for hands, feet and everything in between.
  • Lip Salve

Special offer price £125
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You will leave the workshop with an array of toiletries that you will be proud to use. Don’t tell your mates, they might want to steal your stuff!

More importantly, you will be able to rustle up these products at home, quickly and easily. And did I mention the workshop is great fun too.

The class runs from 10-4 with an hour for lunch.

The class is suitable for anybody who is 16 and over